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Hi, I’m Alwina! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my piece of the internet!

I currently attend Flatiron School’s Online Software Engineering Program so that I can switch my career into tech. This blog is a space to share what I am learning in my program, as well as challenges and experiences I’ve learned while building each of my projects.

In addition to learning to code, I’ve taken the time to re-vamp my resume and LinkedIn profile. With the resources I have acquired, I am sharing what I learned with others so they too can make moves into a new career. 



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  • One time revision

LinkedIn Profile

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Developer Notes

Hope School: A Rails app with RSpec, PostgreSQL, Authentication and Omniauth

This is not a how-to post, rather a post on why I built this app and some of the challenges I came across in the process. The inspiration for my app came from Hope Schools in East London, South Africa. Hope Schools is a Christian school for children who are affected, infected and/or orphaned by …

Let’s Build a Sinatra App: Using MVC, CRUD and RESTful Routing

What is Sinatra, MVC, CRUD and RESTful routing? According to Wikipedia, Sinatra is a free and open source software web application library and domain-specific language. It is a simple option to build a web application quickly using the Rack web server interface. Model-View-Controller is a pattern used in popular programming languages to develop distinct, yet …


Alwina Oyewoleturner


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